Setting Styles

Talon Claws

Modern. Sharp. Bold. The Talon claw has  gained great popularity. Resembling the talon claws found on birds of prey, a technique that also requires great precision and care when setting. The sharp claws help accentuate the gemstones lines and cuts, presenting a new perspective on the elegance of the ring.

Round Claws

Sleek. Refined. Timeless. The Round Claw setting epitomises classic elegance and enduring appeal. This technique delicately embraces the gemstone with grace and precision. The rounded claws not only provide a secure hold, but they also create a soft transition from the setting to the gemstone, enhancing its natural beauty. Round Claws have been the staple setting method used since the 19th century. 

Thumb Claws

Innovative. Secure. Exquisite. The Thumb Claw setting is a cutting-edge technique that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits. Designed to ensure the utmost security and stability, this setting employs strategically positioned claws to firmly grasp the gemstone, minimizing the risk of displacement. The sleek and minimalistic appearance of the Thumb Claw setting allows the gemstone to take centre stage, showcasing its brilliance and beauty from all angles. 

The French Pavé

Elegant. Artistic. Unparalleled. Otherwise known as the Fishtail setting, it's name derived from its resemblance to the graceful tail of a fish, is a masterful technique that showcases intricate craftsmanship and exquisite design. This setting style involves carefully arranging small diamonds or gemstones in a manner that creates a captivating fishtail pattern. 

The Micro Pavé

Refined. Classic. Timeless. The Micro Pavé setting is a traditional technique that showcases the brilliance and fire of diamonds or gemstones in a truly captivating way. This method involves cutting small, scallop-shaped grooves into the metal to allowing them to sit lower and reflecting light back onto the stones, enhancing the sparkle. A technique, cherished for generations


Elegant. Sparkling. Captivating. This method involves carefully placing multiple stones side by side, creating a seamless surface of shimmering beauty. The Pavé setting requires meticulous precision and skill, as each stone is meticulously set to maximize its brilliance and create a stunning visual impact. With the word having French Origin, meaning paved or cobblestoned, this setting technique mimics the look of a paved road with its closely set stones.

Channel Set

Sophisticated. Impeccable. Timeless. This technique involves placing gemstones side by side within a channel-like groove, creating a smooth and continuous row of sparkling brilliance. The Channel Set technique ensures that the gemstones are securely held in place, while allowing maximum light exposure for enhanced brilliance. With clean lines and a sleek appearance, this setting style exudes a sense of modern elegance and understated luxury.


Elegant. Refined. Versatile. Also known as the bezel setting, this technique involves encircling the gemstone with a smooth metal edge, securing it in place while showcasing its natural beauty. The Rub Over Set technique provides excellent protection to the gemstone, minimizing the risk of snagging or damage. The Rub Over Set technique offers a contemporary and effortlessly chic look that can be adapted to various jewellery designs.

Tension Set

Sleek. Captivating. Innovative. The mesmerizing beauty of a gemstone seemingly suspended in mid-air. This innovative setting method relies on the precise tension of metal to securely hold the gemstone in place, creating a visually stunning and uninterrupted display of its brilliance. With no visible prongs or bezels, the Tension Set technique allows for maximum light exposure and unrestricted views of the gemstone from all angles. 

Star Set

Elegant. Dazzling. Stellar. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of stars in the night sky, this setting technique features small, carefully placed claws, created by the star-like cuts surrounding the gemstone. Each metal element acts as a delicate frame, enhancing the brilliance and allure of the gemstone at its centre. The star-shaped arrangement of the metal elements adds a touch of celestial elegance and creates a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow.